On JobTeaser, to be “Open to opportunities” means that your anonymised profile can be presented to recruiters that are looking for talents like you 👀


How does it work❓

Once you activated your “Open to opportunities” status…

To increase your chances of being visible and pre-selected by recruiters, you have to complete your profile and fill up your search criteria. 

To have a fully filled profile, it is important to:

  • Add the most recently updated version of your CV
  • Update your last professional experiences and education on JobTeaser
  • Fill up your languages skills and precise your proficiency
  • Update your search criteria (which type of contract you're seeking, level of experience, where you choose to find an opportunity, etc.) 

By updating your criteria regularly according to your search, you could consult relevant content and be properly visible to recruiters that use our services. Recruiters will be able to quickly identify your profile according to your job, localisation, experience, language etc. 🙌


What’s next❓

  • The JobTeaser algorithm will need to match your search criteria with the ones of the company looking for talents like you! 🫵
  • The recruiter will then have access to a list of potential candidates matching his offer.
  • For each potential match, the recruiter will have access to:
    • the most relevant experience
    • the languages spoken and its proficiency level
    • the search criteria

The recruiter will be able to pre-select each potential candidate individually and share the offer to which the company is currently recruiting. 


What if I get pre-selected❓

If the recruiter has pre-selected you, you will receive an email explaining that the recruiter has shown a real interest towards your profile and a full description of the job offer.

You will then have 72 hours to accept and apply (with just 1 click) to the proposal:

  • Your full CV will automatically be shared with the recruiter
  • They will get in touch with you to potentially schedule the rest of the recruitment process

If you refuse to apply, your status will still be “Open to opportunities” and you will still be visible to other recruiters, so this means you might be receiving a lot of emails from other companies that are interested in your profile... 📨

If you answer the email within the 72 hours, your status will automatically be updated as we consider that you are no longer interested in new job opportunities, you will no longer be “Open to opportunities”. You can also manually do this by clicking on "Open to Opportunities" and toggle it off.


Why is the CV mandatory❓

Your up-to-date CV is a key asset to your profile, as it shows  your last and most relevant professional experiences to recruiters in addition to the key competencies you might possess that could match their search.

At JobTeaser, we have our heart set on keeping your personal data safe. Your CV will only be sent to the recruiter once you agree and apply to the opportunity presented to you. 

For more information on our commitment on the subject, visit the website here.


If, despite all our amazing articles, you need help, you can contact us via support.student@jobteaser.com. Please attach :

  • a screenshot of the problem
  • your login email 
  • the name of your university
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