How do I add/edit my study course?

Looking to add/edit your programme/course? 👀


To add or edit your course, please go to the Dashboard and click on "Edit my profile". 



Click on the pen icon below your profile information : mceclip1.png


Scroll down until you see the dropdown menu of the courses and select the course you belong to.



If you are not associated with the right study course on your Career Center, this may prevent you from accessing content targeted to your course. It is therefore important to be affiliated with the right course corresponding to your education.


My course switches to a different one every time I log in...

If your course always switches to a different one after logging in, it means it's automatically updated via the SSO connection of your school. In that case, the course is incorrectly stored in your institution's database. Please contact them in that case.


I can't edit my course...

If you're not able to change your course and it is greyed out, it means that it is automatically transmitted by your university, and they didn't allow this modification. Should you have the wrong course in your profile, please contact them directly.


Experiencing some technical issues?

Contact us at with your Big Three!

👀 The Big Three

  • the email address you use to log into your JobTeaser account
  • your university/institution
  • a screenshot, screenrecording, link(s), or some type of evidence of your issue
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