Why can't I find the same job ads as my peers?

If some jobs do not appear in your search, please check your search criteria directly from the search bar.
In "All filters", you can click on the "Clear all" button at the bottom left hand corner to completely reset your search.
Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 12.13.57.png
You can also change your default criteria directly by clicking on "Edit my criteria" in your dashboard.
Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 12.09.42.png
It is also possible that these jobs are only available in a language that is not activated for your profile. To change your languages, go to "Edit my criteria" from your dashboard.
Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 12.10.24.png
Finally, if the job was communicated to you directly by a classmate, it is possible that it was not targeted to your course program. This means that you will not be able to find it in your results and you will not be able to apply for it.

If, despite all our amazing articles, you need help, you can contact us via support.student@jobteaser.com. Please attach :

  • a screenshot of the problem
  • your login email 
  • the name of your university
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