I cannot complete my profile to 100%

Can't get your profile to reach 100%? 🧐


The completion rate of the profile is only an indicator allowing you to know if you have customised your account to the maximum, in order to enjoy all the features that JobTeaser offers you.


To complete it to 100%, please ensure that:

  • You have a profile picture
  • You have filled out your profile (short description, location, languages you speak, etc.)
  • You have uploaded a CV
  • You follow at least one company


If your institution allows shortlisting, by activating the "Open to opportunities" feature, you allow the JobTeaser algorithm to search for keywords in your resume and profile and match them with internship, work-study or job openings. If your profile is shortlisted by a recruiter, you will receive an email from JobTeaser informing you. You will then have the choice of whether or not to accept to be put in contact with this recruiter. 


To have a fully filled profile, please make sure to:

  • Add your updated CV
  • Update your last professional experiences and education
  • Fill up your languages skills and precise your proficiency
  • Update your search criteria (sought contract, experience, search area, etc.) 


By updating your criteria regularly according to your search, you could consult relevant content and be properly visible to recruiters that use our services. Recruiters will be able to quickly identify your profile according to your job, localisation, experience, language etc.


Still having issues?

Contact us at support.student@jobteaser.com with your Big Three!

👀 The Big Three

  • the email address you use to log into your JobTeaser account
  • your university/institution
  • a screenshot, screenrecording, link(s), or some type of evidence of your issue
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