I have not received an email for an event

Didn't receive an email for an event? 🧐


If you are looking for the link to join an event you registered for, please first check who is organising the event:


The event is exclusive to me

If the event has been organised by your institution (you will see the logo of your university), or has the banner on top with the padlock stating "Event created for [your institution]", it means that the event is managed directly by your institution and your Careers department. 

For any questions or concerns around these events, please contact your careers department directly via email





The event seems to be public

If the event you want to attend is organised by JobTeaser or one of its parters, it means that it is public (there is no banner and padlock on top).

In that case, the event should start right on the event page on which you have subscribed, you don't need a specific link (Zoom link or similar) to attend this session



Still having issues?

Contact us at support.student@jobteaser.com with your Big Three!

👀 The Big Three

  • the email address you use to log into your JobTeaser account
  • your university/institution
  • a screenshot, screenrecording, link(s), or some type of evidence of your issue
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