Event registration not available to your profile

Being blocked from registering to an event? 👀


If you cannot register for an event because registration is "not available for your profile", this can mean either one of two things:

  • You have not submitted a course programme on your profile.
  • This event is targeted to a different study course than yours and you are therefore not authorized to attend. Also make sure you are associated with the right course, following this  article.

If you have received a link from your establishment referring to this event and you, therefore, believe that it is a targeting error, please notify your career services directly.


Need more help?

Contact us at support.student@jobteaser.com with your Big Three!

👀 The Big Three

  • the email address you use to log into your JobTeaser account
  • your university/institution
  • a screenshot, screenrecording, link(s), or some type of evidence of your issue
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